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Joni’s 21st century book, written in a highly readable, useful, and practical style, shows women how they can continue to have a full, passionate, and energetic life throughout their life cycle. Dr. Labbe shows how the typical problems women experience in their mid-life can be not only managed, but overcome.

-Richard W. Levak, Ph.D.


If you suffer with an autoimmune disease, or have a stressed out life, you will love this book. You will love Dr. Labbe, and she will get to the root problem. She has helped many of my patients overcome insomnia, digestive issues, hot flashes and brain fog, and has my highest respect for the way she explains complicated material in an easy, fun, understandable format.



Over the last ten years of transitioning from conventional allopathic medicine to the present functional medicine model, I have seen that the chiropractors, and other alternative practitioners, are leading the way to a new, natural approach to healing, and Dr. Labbe is in the forefront of this movement. Her book provides the full perspective of healing in a concise, easy to read format, and references to get additional help, if needed.

–Juergen Winkler, MD


Informed and informative, “Why Is Mid-Life Mooching Your Mojo?: Solutions to Banish Fuzziness and Fatigue Forever!” is exceptionally well written, organized and presented. Thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ from beginning to end, “Why Is Mid-Life Mooching Your Mojo?” is very highly recommended and certain to be an enduringly popular addition to community library Health & Medicine collections.

–The Midwest Book Review Reader Reviews

It is true that because menopause is only considered a woman’s issue that it is now deemed important enough/not a priority. Women tend to be dismissed by family, friends, co-workers, and doctors when it comes to the symptoms of menopause…This is a book that teaches women how to take better care of themselves and not to ignore how they feel. It is time women put themselves first!

5 Stars

Labbe clearly and thoroughly explains common ailments and why we don’t have to accept them as part of our life. She breaks down various sources of hormone imbalances, allergies, and the inability to lose weight despite doing everything ‘right’. Not only does she provide sources for hormone, sugar level, and other types of testing and the reasons to get tested, but she adds various natural supplements and the advantages of each.

From the first page to the last, Dr. Joni had me engrossed in this fabulous book. I found myself highlighting, taking notes, and repeatedly saying, “Ah ha! That sounds exactly like what’s happening to me!! I’m not crazy!” The way she explains the symptoms, causes, and solutions for autoimmune and hormonal disorders makes it easy for anyone to get informed and get help to feel better now. Getting to the root causes, not just treating the symptoms, is her goal.
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