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Take control of your thyroid healthDon’t let menopause beat you into submission. Thyroid and Menopause Madness will answer your questions about why you feel so lousy and give you natural solutions to reclaim your health thyroid and hormone balance.

Author Dr. Joni Labbe, the Thyroid Doctor, has spent over 20 years helping women just like you shed the anxiety, weariness, and extra pounds that seem to sneak up during mid-life. Now, she has distilled her knowledge and experience into this book so that every Mojo Thyroid Girlfriend can take control of her health.

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What Professionals Are Saying About the Book:

“Joni’s 21st century book, written in a highly readable, useful, and practical style, shows women how they can continue to have a full, passionate, and energetic life.”

Richard W. Levak, Ph.D.

“If you suffer with an autoimmune disease, or have a stressed out life, you will love this book. You will love Dr. Labbe, and she will get to the root of the problem.”


“[Dr. Labbe’s] book provides the full perspective of healing in a concise, easy to read format.”

Jurgen Winkler, MD Reviews

5 Stars

Many traditional doctors have been taught to prescribe medications to alleviate symptoms. However, Dr. Labbe takes on a more functional approach where she encourages the reader to do the lab work and figure out what is going on in the body that is causing the symptoms and correcting that, rather than just hiding the symptom. She also states that problems with many of the ranges in lab work only are looked into when the result is outside of the range, which then indicates disease, rather than finding an issue and solving the problem before it reaches that state.

All I can say is that this book has been incredible. It contains so much information, yet presents itself in a way that most people can easily understand. I highly recommend this book to everyone who has ever suffered and have been told that it’s all in their head or that they are perfectly healthy when they know deep-down that something is not right.

5 Stars

Very informative! So much information about menopause and beyond and so well written, that I literally kept reading and reading until I finished the book in just two days. I have always felt, with little support, that women are not understood by their doctors, even women doctors, and have treated most of their symptoms, be it menopausal or otherwise, with a pat on the back and some sort of drug to alleviate unrest and pain.

Joni Labbe squashed all those remarks and drug therapy into me believing there is more to regaining my energy. The idea of eating better and getting, even a little bit of exercise will help regain my mojo over time. Go figure! How could taking meds be better than eating for your brain health? That is the no brainer. I plan to start now giving these great suggestions a try. I think this Joni Labbe has something very important to say. I plan on sharing the book and recommending it to my girlfriends!