Mojo Supplements

supplementsAt Labbe health Center our goal is to bring you the highest quality, science based, cutting edge supplements available. Our main purpose is to focus on assisting you with the formulas and combination of vitamins that will restore you back to vibrant health. Depending on what your needs are, we offer solutions from various high quality companies.
It’s important to work with a health care practitioner who can recommend supplements and formulas based on your individual needs. The following labs and advice are intended as an overview, only. Any supplements you take should be monitored by your doctor.
  • — Many of the formulas I recommend are created by Dr. Kharrazian for Apex Energetics.
  • — This company produces excellent nutritional supplements that I use regularly.
  • — This company specializes in formulas for brain health. I especially like Kavinace as a natural sleep aid.
  • — ReadiSorb makes a liquid liposomal glutathione that is absorbed before it goes through the digestive process. Glutathione is a powerhouse product that is helpful in balancing out auto immune disorders. Go to and search “glutathione” to find over 80,000 articles listed on the key role glutathione plays in healing or stabilizing many diseases.
  • — DMG by Nutritional Frontiers contains N-Dimethylglycine. By enhancing metabolism, EnerDMG supports the immune, circulatory, cardiovascular, and neurological systems; as well as muscle recovery and endurance. Many of my patients report improved mood and energy while taking it.
  • — NuMedica means new medicine, and is one of the most recognized state-of-the-art supplement manufacture. Known for their bench mark of excellence in nutritional science, technology, and ground breaking formulas of superior quality.

Supplements that have proven wonderful for sleeping are 5-HTP and magnesium. Some people titrate up slowly on magnesium to 800 mg before bed. One product I recommend that has performed in­credibly well for inducing restorative sleep includes the ingredients tau­rine and 4-amino-3-phenybutyric acid.