It’s Not Just Menopause, It’s Your Thyroid!

thyroid truths newsletterIt's not just Menopause, It's your Thyroid - By Joni LabbeWhat is thyroid disease? Why are standard lab tests unreliable for diagnosis? Do I really need all of these supplements and prescriptions? Why don’t I feel better – the doctor says my bloodwork is “normal”?

These are just a few common questions patients ask after being diagnosed with thyroid disease. Medical practitioners are divided when it comes to acceptable ranges in blood work as well as treatment (often prescribing hormones or addressing only the symptoms of the disease). To really get to the bottom of your condition it’s important to understand how your diet, genetics, and even environmental factors play a role in reclaiming your health.

Dr. Labbe has assembled a series of informative articles that delve deeper into thyroid-related issues. With thyroid disease, you’re either getting better or you’re getting worse. There’s no in between. Take the step today to reclaim your health and well being!

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