Joni Labbe,


Dr. Joni Labbe is a board-certified clinical nutritionist specializing in science-based nutrition, with a focus on hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s and women’s hormone health.

She has successfully helped pre-menopausal and menopausal women regain and maintain their health since 1995. She is a professional speaker, radio personality, fitness expert, and former host of “Healthier Way With Dr. Labbe.”

She has earned a Diplomate and Fellow in Nutrition from the American Association of Integrative Medicine, and is pursuing a degree in Functional Neurology from the prestigious Carrick Institute. Dr. Labbe is one of the country’s leading authorities on thyroid disorders, including Hashimoto’s disease. She is the founder of Mojo Thyroid Girlfriends Inc, and creator of the Mojo Thyroid Girlfriends School of Success™, a comprehensive well-being curriculum for hormonally challenged women. She has appeared and authored numerous articles and blogs on health, nutrition, and hypothyroid health as seen on Fox Health News, Healthy Times, and KUSI TV.

In her free time, Dr. Labbe enjoys hiking and exploring with her husband in the beautiful surroundings of San Diego. When the opportunity to travel comes, she enjoys learning about other people and cultures, especially as it relates to their indigenous culinary preferences, health and longevity.  The power of music, in any form, is one of her passions, especially gospel, jazz, and the blues; favorites are Ray Charles, Billy Holiday, Etta James, and the great Eric Clapton. Laughing with friends and family of a great “tribal meal” is her idea of an evening well-spent. Dr. Labbe provides an excellent example of living vibrantly post menopause; as in addition she successfully manages her own symptoms of Hashimoto’s and Celiac disease. It’s her life’s mission to help others “lose that voice in your head telling you that you’re crazy, lazy, or finished!

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