Mid-Life is the Life!

Are you ready to rethink your approach to hormone and thyroid issues? Are you ready to treat the source of your fatigue, brain fog, sleepless nights, and difficulty losing weight? (Instead of just the symptoms?) Dr. Joni Labbe and her team of Mojo Thyroid Girlfriends™ are here to educate you on their science-based options to reclaim your thyroid and hormone health!

So, why do you feel so lousy?


Why does it seem like your body and brain are revolting against all the love and care that you’ve given them? Perhaps you don’t respond to stress with your usual grace, you feel fear over nothing, your thoughts seem to be scattered all over the place, stubborn weight won’t come off, and you’re exhausted all of the time. In other words, your Mojo has packed up and left the building!

If you’re like many women, you’ve tried just about everything to get feel better, including medications, nutritional supplements, chiropractic care, acupuncture, endocrinologists appointments, motivational seminars, diet changes, exercise, and more. Nothing has significantly helped, though. Don’t give up hope and don’t believe the myth that everything has been done. You may be suffering from unbalanced hormones, low thyroid, adrenal fatigue, Hashimoto’s or other auto immune issues. These issues are inter-related and must be treated as a system in order to see results.

My sweet friends, you have come to the right site. You do not have to say goodbye to your Mojo without a fight. I know because I live with Hashimoto’s (an auto immune disease that causes low thyroid) and I’ve been helping women just like you recover their Mojo for over 20 years!

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Welcome Mojo Thyroid Girlfriends

Mojo Thyroid Girlfriends are women who don’t just want to “take a pill” to feel better. We want to thrive during our middle (best) years. This website is here to educate you, our newest Mojo Girlfriend, about reclaiming your thyroid and hormone health. Our team of professionals will help you get your “Mojo” back through proven, practical, and natural methods that have worked with countless clients. Hesitant to get started? Click below to learn more about our All Inclusive Mojo Consultation Package.

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This Ain’t Your Mamma’s Menopause

You may notice that your fuel tank suddenly feels like it’s on empty, or that your brain is shrouded in a dense fog. You may even feel anxious or depressed for no reason. Don’t let anyone tell you that these are the normal symptoms of aging! My clients hear this all the time, and many are on the verge of giving up by the time they make it to my wellness office. That’s why I wrote the book Thyroid & Menopause Madness This entertaining and informative book helps you rediscover that spring in your step and sparkle in your eyes.


Dr. Joni Labbe,
The Thyroid Doctor

I am Dr. Joni Labbe, DC, CCN, DCCN , author of Thyroid & Menopause Madness.

This website is a community for Mojo Thyroid Girlfriends and builds on the concepts and ideas I present in my book.

Explore this website to learn about the unique health challenges that post-menopausal women face and how you can take back your health without pills, surgery, or a body transplant!